The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (The five Members of a Guild) part 30

The five members of a guild are characters of the haberdasher, the carpenter, the weaver, the dyer and tye arras maker. 363. An Haberdasshere, and a Carpenter, 364. A Webbe, a Dyere, and a Tapycer,— 365. And they were clothed alle in o lyveree 366. Of a solémpne and a greet fraternitee. 367. Ful fressh and newe hir geere apiked was; 368. Hir knyves were chaped noght with bras, 369. But al with silver; wroght ful clene and weel 370. Hire girdles and hir pouches everydeel. 371. Wel semed ech of hem a fair burgeys 372. To sitten in a yeldehalle, on a deys. 373. Éverich, for the wisdom that he kan,


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