The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (9.The lawyer) part 25

The Lawyer is the 9th character of The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. This lecture is about The Lawyer. 311. A Sergeant of the Lawe, war and wys, 312. That often hadde been at the Parvys, 313. Ther was also, ful riche of excellence. 314. Discreet he was, and of greet reverence— 315. He semed swich, his wordes weren so wise. 316. Justice he was ful often in assise, 317. By patente, and by pleyn commissioun. 318. For his science and for his heigh renoun, 319. Of fees and robes hadde he many oon. 320. So greet a purchasour was nowher noon: 321. Al was fee symple to hym in effect; 322. His purchasyng myghte nat been infect. 323. Nowher so bisy a man as he ther nas, 324. And yet he semed bisier than he was.


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