The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (8.The Clerk) part 24

The Clerk is the 8the character of the The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. The following lines are explained in this lecture. 301. But al that he myghte of his freendes hente 302. On bookes and on lernynge he it spente, 303. And bisily gan for the soules preye 304. Of hem that yaf hym wher-with to scoleye. 305. Of studie took he moost cure and moost heede. 306. Noght o word spak he moore than was neede; 307. And that was seyd in forme and reverence, 308. And short and quyk and ful of hy senténce. 309. Sownynge in moral vertu was his speche; 310. And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche.


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