The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (8.The Clerk ) part 23

The Clerk is the 8the character of the The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. The following lines are explained in this lecture. 289. As leene was his hors as is a rake, 290. And he nas nat right fat, I undertake, 291. But looked holwe, and ther-to sobrely. 292. Ful thredbare was his overeste courtepy; 293. For he hadde geten hym yet no benefice, 294. Ne was so worldly for to have office; 295. For hym was lévere háve at his beddes heed 296. Twénty bookes, clad in blak or reed, 297. Of Aristotle and his philosophie, 298. Than robes riche, or fíthele, or gay sautrie. 299. But al be that he was a philosophre, 300. Yet hadde he but litel gold in cofre;


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