17 .The Sailor part 33 (The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales)

The Sailor is the 17th character of the prologue to the canterbury tales. 390. A Shipman was ther, wonynge fer by weste; 391. For aught I woot he was of Dertemouthe. 392. He rood upon a rouncy, as he kouthe, 393. In a gowne of faldyng to the knee. 394. A daggere hangynge on a laas hadde he 395. Aboute his nekke, under his arm adoun. 396. The hoote somer hadde maad his hewe al broun; 397. And certeinly he was a good felawe. 398. Ful many a draughte of wyn hadde he y-drawe 399. Fro Burdeux-ward, whil that the chapman sleep. 400. Of nyce conscience took he no keep.


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